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why are they holding their fire? in 2008 more than one-third of knowledgeable iowans have voted by a 2% and 30% from ohio them by the 18th 61 1/4 carolina nearly 80% of colorado by then the election was done. it was over. think about what was going on. in the early stages of the financial free-fall the market was still searing and panic and rage not a good time to be the incumbent party or four john mccain to be saving resources and campaign media blitz.
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especially more than one-third of fort -- voters could not be moved with the illicit -- less sens barack obama got imploring ohio voters to take advantage of early boating he is not stupid but seizing the moment that is why we question they could blow the moment of the shane paul ryan is one thing when he first unleashes him here to what switches smart but it is still piling up voters in record numbers continue to pile up their ballots that looks dumb especially most will have the long before election day that for the
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moment barack obama looks good. that does not stick but it does not matter for them. why the romney campaign does not leave a minute to spare. air and i was startled by the numbers but they need to get the ads out and fast? >> look at i would this week the obama campaign says more than 100,000 ballots are from democrats versus 40,000 republicans. the obama campaign will hit them again and again. neil: i don't know the record but generally it is reflective of the moment look at the polls in favor
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the president. if you are mitt romney you don't have the moment to spare. >> you need to make a move quick. early voters are the hard partisans mostly the vote will not change voting today universe sixth. as strong as the president's early voting program is as he invented the wheel so does the romney campaign and track it thoroughly. i expected to be competitive if he loses it is not due to the early voting program. but can he get ads on the ear pressed up to compete with the obama onslaught? neil: at the convention nassau lot of obama adds
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running six slate -- six /1. but they did seize the early initiative and but wonder if you are sitting on a lot of cash could you do not hedge your bets to flood the swing states with a lot of advertising? >> the obama campaign has been a mobilizing for a while. mitt romney is still in persuasion territory to convince middle-class voters he has a plan. i was no higher this weekend at the obama is already saying start voting. they are farther ahead. neil: they tried to seize the moment may be that is
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the good idea but what is the strategy lonesome and a vote early? in 1981 that of 30 now it is one out of three or likely to out of three. what is the strategy? >> to make the closing argument were hit voters the hardest as absentee voting begins. the president is stronger they have done a before. couple sides are doing it and pushing extremely hard and tracking it. this is not one side is doing and the other is not. i would tell you the romney
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campaign has been slowly ramping up the television advertising. i may have done it sooner but over the next few days they will unleashed a flood gates. their plan is to do so as we hit october through november 6. that is the plan they have chosen. neil: thank you both very much. food for thought to if the romney campaign is not respond but if i do think there have been so many distractions it has got away from the issues that help
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mitt romney? >> the old adage that depending on who is analyzing the members have weird ideas. it is one solitary strategy will obama push us to this day or will the citizens take back the free enterprise system to have government serve the people? at a tactical level the economy is no good. on of macro level but at the micro level gasoline is $2 a gallon higher than three years ago. it takes $2,000 out of every household budget would wages
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are not going up or are stagnant in one town geneva illinois disposable income is down $6,000. how can a family support that? neil: you passionate the present numbers in a way people understand i do like mitt romney personally anybody who gets the nba and law degrees simultaneously is beyond me. he is not presenting that argument may be the media does not allow him to do so by what is the half to do to keep it simple? >> ronald reagan brought it down to the individual it is my microphone, our town,
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home, village, police department. the regulations when you create a system that should solve problems but don't people will take shortcuts bordering is as high as it has ever been. mitt romney better get off a high horse to come down to mainstream. people are terrified right now the president is leading a lot of the polls but i look at the trend if you argue not as big of the lead the trend is not his friend. >> obama's says i am a person of the people says
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they will put you in chains and take you -- take your life they hate women. people will believe it it distorts the reality and mitt romney better break up the better bring this down to a coal miner in ohio and the factory worker and a farmer gets it if not he will lose the election. neil: thank you very, very much. have ron paul who has had enough with it all. unplugged and looking at a believable mess that nobody is taking the time to address. democrats could see a meltdown in november.
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neil: 39 days until the voters turned out but in 94 days the economy bottomed could drop out when the bush tax rates and and the sequestration spending cuts began. the fast approaching train wreck nobody tries to derail texas congressman ron paul joins me on the phone. no one mentions this. like a storm that is not there. get past the immediate election but then we will be that much deeper in debt.
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>> it is unbelievable. they are in denial. they're not bad people but they should wake up the people around the country know what i am talking about. but washington wants to keep it quiet. it is a blame game. neil: what do you think will happen? a prominent democrat told me he thinks the three or six month extension then hachette out with whoever is elected obama or mitt romney >> that is a good estimate. once again that buries the problem. but they have not solved any
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problems. look at last summer they pushed it aside they will. but this is bad economics the market does not suffer from lack of liquidity in the bank's common they are loaded. is lack of confidence. in december they will not do anything. does nothing but add to the uncertainty. neil: you are better than i will be but a lot to do not respond until they see a market panic with a free fall. that is why they brash to bad decisions because the market has a huge hissy fit
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so they cobble together a debt deal we know is stupid at the time to calm down the markets then they go right back to the selling spree. >> they can all they pay attention how they maintained or get power. sometimes good policy is a political negative. neil: i was not clear. they respond to short-term gyration which is just short minded to get us over the hump or any day at -- geo to avoid the ramifications. it is like fooling with the
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taxpayer. >> they deceive themselves. look at the stock market actually, even though they print them money and the stocks go up the traders love it. >> if the true test measures a currency and a commodity that means the people who own the stocks are not wealthy but those who can trade in and out. when i see the stock market go up immediately after qe3
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that should not reassure anybody but many are not too interested. neil: we could remember a time the market would recoiled. >> it could be interpreted opposite wow. neil: exactly. that is a brilliant point*. think very much. of course, libya, a quantitative easing the fed dumps the nodes into the market to keep interest rates at near zero through 2015? you are already taxed.
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neil: un zero rp you? united nations wants new taxes on everything from stock trades, trades, guest, billionaires' trades, guest, billionaires' , funding programs to fight glal warming, social problems, any republican. i am kidding. the same day the president will budget 75 percent tax on the richest people there.
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this borders on insane. incredible. >> it is frightening considering our own tax dollars fund the when. it is not hyperbolic to find the evil entity. this week they allow mahmoud ahmadinejad to speak and advocating global taxes every walk of economic life. that collectivist redistribution taking money from a productive entities passing it to the dictatorships is at the heart of the philosophical and economic problem. neil: they say the u.n. cannot do that. a lot of countries have their own fees for airlines to be land in paris, italy,
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now the european commission for those that do business in the community. there is precedent why doesn't think it can s -- force this. >> the wind can only force us that we allow it to happen. at the heart is a gentleman named jeffrey sacks from the occupied wall street movement. we are slitting our own throats. congress alone has the sovereign power to tax. we give that up simply by participating. if this money to further on interest like iran, libya that only benefit from the
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when. neil: there is precedent already that individual countries are all part of this. >> how great are they doing? neil: my point*. if obama is reelected the argument is the likes the idea it would compel a global plush because he thinks it is a good idea. >> thankfully we avoided the disastrous kyoto protocol. no question obama favors redistribution. giving up your own self-interest making a sacrifice for climate change , if they go ahead
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for personalized, affordable legal protection. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. neil: halftime not gone. that meltdown will never happen and again not yet. not when it comes to aig the government still keeps a close eye that means both laughed to beef up the balance sheets which makes you wonder why that government is so focused.
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leading democrats that frankly it is history. we would be worried because the stock frank we would not look at any more news still hurting that to everything hits the fan but what that could say to the class or the professor. tim geithner does not order inspire much hope what this same can. be afraid. >> i am scared.
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this is a fragile world and. tim geithner. he was head of the new york fed when we had the meltdown we made him head of the treasury i that there was the better way of doing things. absolutely. if anybody should have known with lehman brothers. neil: he wants to avoid any thing or institutions he cites them a g and g come to mind. he is being extra cautious. why? it is such a big number i cannot come to grips with it
6:33 pm
i have a degree in math. and that is the number 10 times the gross product. neil: we are as expose now as the end? >> any little mistake jpmorgan is known as one of the best run banks in the world weber was running it used to be known as the most trustworthy guide now he was taking positions nobody knew about and they caught it just in time. the others did not have that reputation.
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>> if either one of these i see if they are in trouble the government would have notorious with a system of gold meltdown. >> dodd/frank is not the answer to anything. of less is so basic but he sits at the helm with the meltdown. what other rewards him to make him secretary of the treasury? in china? >> the community organizer. [laughter]
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but do you get a sense the timing is encase everything hits the fan we warned you. when you see bernanke easing credit. >> you don't think that ends well? >> anything is possible but the odds are small. in the fact he made a price of '04 energy and food prices to go higher people will have a harder time. that is the fact of libya have does that work out well? now what the big boom in
6:36 pm
housing? prices go up. neil: after the election? >> what ever. whenever. neil: now you are like a teenager. >> i am a country run by teenagers this does not make a lot of sense what we see. i hope we get through it and it does trigger a meltdown we need to go to our churches and temples to say a couple extra prayers. neil: fifth thought for their country now both fight for the job why the shellacking could happen all
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improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> these guys, if they keep voting, a young person going to college today, the president will give more dead than less jobs and a smaller military. >> nobody in this country should have to fight for a job or roof over their head when i come home. [cheers] [applause] neil: all right, they are fighting for the military vote. the unemployment rate is much higher than the national average. this gentleman is going out of his way to make sure that things are better for veterans himself. themselves. mark, always great to see you.
6:41 pm
when i see numbers like that, i think they should be first in line when jobs open up. we trying to do to change that? >> well, we are not in a situation where we have a large military presence. lonely, there was a career fair focusing on veterans put on by the u.s. chamber of commerce and we made sure that we were there. this from the experience, i know that veterans tend to do well in our careers. usually it is just a matter of letting them know all the different opportunities that are out there. giving us a chance to get them into our interviewing process. neil: i know you remind folks given the discipline and organization of the veterans in general, that they are of interest to employers because they are very loyal. for another thing, they worked their butts off. is that message getting through? >> i think that it is. i think in our career, especially having daily
6:42 pm
disciplines, it serves them very well and the financial services field. they have a sense of service. they join the military to protect the country and they serve the nation. now, in our field, they really serve our communities. one family, one business at a time. we find that just that reliability, that discipline, that willingness to serve others, it always serves them really well and serves our policy is part of our field force. neil: why is unemployment higher than that -- the national average, which is already high to begin with? >> i think it's a factor of just giving them in front of different employers. and taking steps to make sure they know the opportunities that are available on the employers that are out there are able to get face-to-face with them. when i got out of the navy, there was a transition class, about 16 years ago. one of the people was a
6:43 pm
recruiter from northwestern mutual. it was more of a chance encounter. i never would've thought about a career in the field, but 16 years later, it's a good fit. it's more interaction, making sure that they know what's available, that employers know that they are out there,. neil: mark warner, thanks for coming on. >> i am not recommending for every president that they take a beating like they did last night. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling,
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neil: as you know, president obama is leading in a lot of national polls. there are some new numbers showing his approval rating today is exactly what it was two years ago. the midterm elections, the democrats losing the house, six seats in the senate. charles payne, lori rothman come on whether this could be the repeat we are looking at. >> it could be. you are absolutely right. i am just not sure. that's a bad thing. they were out in the streets. they were out in the grass and making noise. people were understanding. somehow, we have fallen asleep since then. the tea party became a political party, which was a huge mistake. despite all the terrible economic news we have gone this weekend, really, it is a deafening silence on main street. >> did you see honey boo boo
6:48 pm
leiby sister? >> i did not. neil: that was then and this is the presidential approval now. it's a very different world. >> unfortunately, it has been since that data point that we are comparing that to. two additional years of lackluster growth, frustrating unemployment and people have gotten used to the new normal. look at the economic data and they revise the latest quarter downward a couple of points. the economy is still rough. neil: i think we have gotten used to this trend of lousy numbers. >> exactly, you are lowering the bar of expectation. i am so hopeful that we have two more unemployment report before the presidential election people will zero in on these and realize that the policies are not working. that the economy is trouble.
6:49 pm
>> at this point, we shouldn't be the country that celebrates media and. suddenly, i can return to the roots of america. show us how you do it. i am shocked that obama is polling better than mitt romney on the economy. neil: is that obama still? >> it is the phrase du jour. i want to hear him be loud about
6:50 pm
this. spending cuts and higher taxes, they say that this will drive us into a full recession if they don't resolve it. neil: bearer scaring everyone is a party, they are scaring everyone. >> they should be scared. >> the bottom line is that this is not the america that became the greatest country in the world. this is not the america that will continue to be the greatest country in the world. you know, i will take people from the lowest rung and if there is income inequality, let's do this. okay? let's be smart about what we are doing. those are the people that i think all politicians are talking about. neil: don't give up on. >> people still want to be rich. all we have to do is listen to
6:51 pm
rap music. young people want to be read from a but they don't think there are a lot of avenues to do that. the. neil: he showed up against newt gingrich in a debate there and against rick santorum, so we have this end, this estimation. >> i think the real meat will come in the next we. >> there was an argument for why the president went on the show with you this week. it was to win over married women. he pulls very well with single amendment would not let married
6:52 pm
women. that was his strategy. that is what he was doing. and it is working. he is now trying to get married women. will you make of that? >> i always get frustrated with that issue between women's issues and i think they are everyone's issues. birth control, all this stuff. it is everybody's issue. i think that he was pandering, the president. and i would've liked to have seen him take questions and present himself on that. >> so far, the pandering has worked. neil: can i be equally as offensive with you with minorities and african-americans. 96% likely to vote for him. the same 96%.
6:53 pm
the situation of the black population in this country is abysmal. teenage unemployment, things like that, it's shocking and frightening. the bottom line is that republicans are going to have to spend a minimum of four or eight years. they really want lex to do a grassroots campaign. it's got to be a long-term thing. neil: charles and lori rothman, thank you. all romney has to do is remember a single line. that line after i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we?
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no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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>>neil: everyone is giving mitt romney advise. not me. go with your gut. the truest thing to tell any candidate, get back to what you secretly believe. that is what a debate allows, allows you to be you. not to nit-pick what your opponent has said. ronald reagan dispensed with those detail by telling jimmy carter, there you go again. it was on to ron and what he
6:58 pm
would do differently, the things that define ronald reagan. debates can confirm a trend or dispell a notion. in 1980 they did both. they confirmed voters' doubts about the incumbent but dispelled notions about the challenger, that ronald reagan was not a cowboy who was recklessly send the nation down the path to armageddon with a style that was simple but never questionable: are you better off than four years ago? very simple. very clear. very reagan. for mitt romney that is what it comes down to, whether he can keep it simple, clear, and after all the noise, leave voters understanding what this election really comes down to. are you better off than you were four years ago? he does that, he can make a compelling case. he does not, he's an over and done case. we will see next week. we are there in denver, october
6:59 pm
3. we are back for each and every debate after. we start at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we are with you through midnight. folks, we told you from the very beginning, through the caucuses and the primaries, a lot of people said, why is fox business network so all over this? because it's your money, your life, your future. we think you deserve it. we mean it. with these debates, we are on it. >> wall street banks have recovered from the meltdown four years ago but the woman who ran fdic says we are still at risk of another major financial crisis. we are talking the inside story of the big banks and the risk they pose to us right here. right now. >> from the fox business network headquarters in new york city, it is' the "tom sullivan show" with your host, tom sullivan. >> here is what i have at the seop, she was there on the

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